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Frequently Asked Questions of LT1000 Series (Three)

Question: The printer has no fault warnings, but it cannot print.

Answer: 1) Check the printhead. Check whether it is activated.

              2) Check whether the printer can receive the detect signal through diagnostic screen.

              3) Check the settings of encoder.

              4) Check the settings of photocell.


Question: There are satellites around the printing message, and the print is unclear.

Answer: the printing distance is too long. Make sure that the distance between printhead to the surface of product is about 2mm.


Question: The location of message on the product is not correct.

Answer: 1) Check the parameter setting of the distance between transducer and printhead;

              2) check the parameter setting of print delay;

              3) Check marking template and see whether the location of message is correct;

              4) check the parameter setting of production line speed;

              5) Check the parameter setting of encoder.


Question: The requirements for saving inkjet printers.

Answer: 1) Weekly: Check printhead/Clean printhead if necessary/Inspect the inkcore for signs of ink leakage

              2) Monthly: Clean printhead/Inspect the inkcore for signs of ink leakage/Open the electronics compartment door, and check if it is dusty inside. Remove dust if necessary/ Keep the outer surfaces of printer clean.

              3) Yearly: Clean printhead/Inspect the electronics compartment/ Check the fan filter net of the ink system compartment

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